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Duffins Creek Health Center: sports specialists

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Dr. Jason W. Su, In-house Sport and Musculoskeletal Medicine Specialist at Duffins Creek Health Centre.


Dr. Su has extensive experience with athletes and non-athletes treating and diagnosing their various conditions and injuries. He also does consulting work for various national/professional teams, governing sport bodies, governmental agencies (eg. Department of Defense, Ontario Athletics Commission as ring/cage side physician, RCMP), private and publicly traded corporations. He is also involved in cutting-edge clinical trials of potential new diagnostic tools and treatments.

Because Dr. Su is a M.D. licensed in Ontario, all essential medical services are covered under the provincial Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for those that have valid provincial health insurance in Ontario. Please feel free to send your referrals and book your next consultation and assessment with Dr. Su at Duffins Creek Health Centre.

Sports Centres Network treating Ontario Soccer Association players

Duffins Creek Health Centre has developed a working partnership with the Ontario Soccer Association to treat and manage athlete injuries. Part of this program involves education and exercises for reducing the chances of injury and trauma.

Soccer players running

Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation

Durham Sports Centres now offer sports injury rehabilitation programs! Let our expert health team help you, the athlete, return your body to its normal, pre-injury function and get you back to playing the game you love, as soon as possible. Specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation (knee ACL injuries, meniscus repairs, shoulder reconstructions). Find out more about our rehabilitation programs.

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